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The Retirement Planning Radio Show

The Retirement Planning Radio Show

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from 7:00 - 8:00 A.M.

The Retirement Planning Show, hosted by David Kopyc, can be heard every Saturday morning from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. on News Talk Radio AM 590, WROW, and Magic 100.5 FM.

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12/8/2018-Are you an Investor or a trader?

12/1/2018-Are you eligible for a in-service distribution from your retire account?

11/3/2018-You Should Never try to Time The Market

10/27/2018-Understanding the dynamics of interest rates

10/13/2018-Good News, Social Security Is Getting a Raise Next Year

10/6/2018-Giving While Living: Do You Understand the Gift Tax?

9/22/2018-Rebalancing Your Investment Portfolio

8/25/2018-Longest Bull Market in History:  

8/18/2018-Asset protection: Vacation properties

8/11/2018-What retirees wish they had known? 

8/5/2018-Your assets transferring to your heirs in the best way

7/28/2018-Knowing the Phases of Retirement: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter:

7/14/2018-Are you financially prepared for the death of a spouse

7/7/2018-Managing cash flow options and timing it

6/30/2018-Diversification is your friend

6/23/2018-What is the future of GE?

6/16/2018-Do you Understand your Long Term Care Policy?

6/9/2018-Does your advisor listen to your needs?

6/2/2018- Are You Prepared To Live To Be 100?

5/19/2018-Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) Reports: 8 out of 10 retirees are looking for guarantee life time income

5/12/2018-How to take control of your own pension

5/5/2018-Making educated decisions as we approach retirement:

4/28/2018- Managing assets during accumulation years is very different, in the distribution years:

4/21/2018-The Advantages of Keeping Separate Money “Buckets”

4/14/2017-Create your own pension benefit:

4/7/2018-The Grocery Store Analogy: All the aisles open to you, the open Architecture approach:

3/31/2018-1st quarter review 2018:

3/24/2018-Retirement Income Distribution Seminars:

3/17/2017-Elder Law Attorney and Medicaid Specialist:

                 Guest speaker: Frank Lang          

3/10/2017-Retirement Income Distribution-Base line

3/3/2018- Worries are the new status symbol

2/17/2018- Look Before You Sell, Don’t Lock in Your Losses

2/10/2018-Stock Market corrections

2/3/2018-Market Volatility  

1/27/2018-The Do Nothing IRA Distribution plan- Uncle Sam’s plan

1/20/2018-Emotional vs Analytics decision making

1/13/2018-Annuity vs. Dividend-Growth Portfolios 

1/6/2018-New Tax plan Discussion

12/30/2017-2017 Recap and the changes in LTC

12/23/2017-How will the 2017 changes affect you?

12/17/2017- ROTH IRA or ROTH 401K

12/10/2017-The Real Estate Industries updates:

                    Guest speaker: Drew Aiello

12/2/2017- Year-End Gifting Strategies 

11/25/2017- Year-End Tax Strategies 

11/18/2017- 457 Special Three-Year Catch-Up Provision

10/28/2017-Problematic IRA's

10/14/2017-Combo Accounts

10/7/2017-October presentation

9/30/2017-Tax free Legacy planning

9/23/2017-The Equifax Data Breach

9/2/2017-Blended Family Planning

8/5/2017-What assets are you passing on to your heirs

7/29/2017-Are you in the best position for Retirement

7/22/2017-Understanding the Pension Crisis

7/15/2017-Do you understand your Life Insurance Policy (The Guarantees) 

7/8/2017-Life Insurance- A Tax Free Benefit

6/24/2017-Financial planning Milestones

6/17/2017-Understand Lump Sum Distribution

6/10/2017- Investment management Fees (Transparency)

6/3/2017- Mistakes in Retirement planning

5/27/2017- Estate Planning and Long Term Care

5/20/2017- Is your Pension Benefit Safe

05/6/2017- Retirement Planning Open Platforms

04/29/2017- Retirement Planning Consolidation

04/22/2017- Asset Protection and Long Term Care Options

04/15/2017- Is your spouse protected

04/08/2017- Asset Consolidation and Long Care insurance

04/01/2017- Blended Families & Income Planning

03/25/2017- Estate Planning & Asset Protection

03/18/2017- Tax Planning & Qualified Retirement Accounts

03/11/2017- Long-Term Care Insurance & Estate Planning

03/04/2017- Life Insurance & Income Protection

02/18/2017- Estate Planning & Long-Term Care Events

02/11/2017- Taxation & Investment Strategies

01/28/2017- Interest Rate Risk & Saving For Your Retirement

01/14/2017- Long-Term Care Insurance & How It Affects You

01/07/2017- The Retirement Planning Group Website & Robo Advising

12/24/2016- Year-End Tax Planning Strategies

12/17/2016- 2016 Year in Review

12/10/2016- IRA Contributions & Tax Ramifications

12/03/2016- Market Returns & Protection with Annuities

11/26/2016- The Impact of Election Results on Retirees

11/19/2016- Legacy Planning & Wealth Transfer

11/12/2016- Reducing Taxes & Qualified Plans

11/05/2016- Rising Healthcare Costs & Options for You

10/29/2016- Legacy Planning & Asset Protection

10/22/2016- Tax Planning & Tax Strategies 

10/15/2016- Long-Term Care Planning (with guest speaker)

10/08/2016- Income Planning & Annuities

10/01/2016- Long Term Care Insurance & Legacy Planning

09/24/2016- Legacy Planning & Income Planning

09/17/2016-Tax-Qualified Plans & Retirement Income

09/10/2016- Income Planning & Pension Benefits

09/03/2016- Reducing Taxes & Qualified Plans

08/27/2016- Market Returns & Protection with Annuities

08/20/2016- Legacy Planning & Wealth Transfer

08/13/2016-Variable Annuities & Estate Planning

08/06/2016- Market Updates & Long-Term Care Insurance

07/30/2016- Investment Income & Diversification

07/23/2016- Market Returns & Protection with Annuities

07/16/2016-Market Volatility & Long-Term Investing

07/09/2016- Tax Planning & Qualified Plans

07/02/2016-Market Performance & Protection Solutions (previous show)

06/25/2016-Britain's Exit and Impact & Diversified Portfolios

06/18/2016-Generational Planning & IRA Planning

06/11/2016- Estate Planning & Tax-Qualified Money

06/04/2016- Market Returns & Protection with Annuities

05/28/2016- Market Timing & Retirement Income (pre-recorded show)

05/21/2016- Market Volatility & Long-Term Investing

05/14/2016- Retirement Income Protection & Estate Planning

05/07/2016- Variable Annuities & Legacy Planning

04/30/2016- Market Timing & Retirement Income

04/23/2016- Annuities & Guaranteed Income

04/16/2016- Long Term Care & Reverse Mortgages