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The Retirement Planning Radio Show

The Retirement Planning Show, hosted by David Kopyc, can be heard every Saturday morning from 8:00 A.M. – 9:00 A.M. and Sunday Evenings 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM on News Talk Radio AM 810 and 103.1 FM.

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9-12-2020-Being Aware Of Estate and Medicaid Planning

9-5-2020-Organizing Your Income Stream for Retirement

8-29-2020-Bridging to the Higher Social Security Benefits

8-22-2020-How to Overcome a Permanent Layoff

7-25-2020-Overcoming Bumps In The Road

7-18-2020-Understanding Your Pension

7-11-2020-The Truth About Annuities

6-27-2020-Riding Out The Storm

6-20-2020-Reverse Mortgages

6-13-2020-Navigating Long Term Care

5-30-2020-Wealth Replacement Planning

5-16-2020-A Need For Baseline Income As You Step Into Retirement

5-9-2020-The Current State of Retirement 

5-2-2020-The Truth About Fiduciaries

4-25-2020-Building A Balanced Portfolio

4-18-2020-New ETF Concepts

4-11-2020-Understanding the Risk of your Portfolio

4-4-2020-How to Allocate Your Money

3-28-2020-Landscaping your Retirement Income Distribution Plan

3-21-2020-When there is stress in the Market that could mean Opportunity for you.

3-14-2020-Fastest draw down in History: Are you diversified

3-7-2020-The Retirement Planning Show now on 810 and 103.1 WGY

2-15-2020-The Secure act: Being proactive is essential

2-8-2020-The difference between Preferred and Convertible Portfolios’

2-1-2020-Understanding what a Black swan event means

1-25-2020- Market timing

1-18-2020-The trip to Atlanta for the Advisor 2020 conference

1-11-2020-Understanding the Secure Act: What will be the changes in your future decisions

1-4-2020-The Outlook for 2020: What to expect

12-28-2019-SECURE Act Becomes Law

12-14-2019-Mutual Fund Capital Gains Distributions

12-7-2019-Do you really know what you own?

11-30-2019-Review: Your End of year planning

11-23-2019-Potential New Legislation Would Allow Withdrawals from retirement accounts to Pay LTC Premiums

11-16-2019-Year-End Tips and Tax Planning Strategies

11-9-2019-Charitable gift giving to reduce your tax liability 

11-2-2019-Why are people leaving New York State

10-26-2019-Money saving ideas for the 2019 tax year

10-19-2019-Time Is Our Most Valuable Asset: How Do You Use It?

10-12-2019-Does GE’s pension freeze impact you or someone you know

9-28-2019-Swing for a Cure 2019:
Thank you to all who helped with this year’s success for American Cancer society!

9-21-2019-What is a QLAC (Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract)

8-31-2019-Who's recipe are you using-Yours or your advisors?

8-24-2019-The extinction of your pension plans are upon us!

8-17-2019-What does inverted yield curve mean?

8-10-2019-Social Security Workshop: September 17th, 2019-Guest speaker: Elizabeth Pivonka

8-3-2019-Understanding the LTC options:

7-27-2019-How much should you be saving for retirement?

7-20-2019-Are you rebalancing your portfolio to capture your gains?

7-13-2019-Do you have a retirement transition plan?

7-6-2019-Creating a bridging to a larger social security benefit:

6-29-2019-Are you one of the 4% taking your social security benefit correctly:

6-22-2019-Legacy planning: What asset are you leaving to the next generation

6-15-2019-Social Security Workshop: July 16th, 2019-Guest speaker: Elizabeth Pivonka

6-8-2019-Build your portfolio based off cost versus benefits

6-1-2019-Stocks in certificate form could be a huge nightmare

5-25-2019-H.R. 1994 just passed the House and is on its way to the Senate

5-18-2019-What is the future of the Stretch IRA

5-11-2019-Time in the market is more important than market timing

5-4-2019- American College Guaranteed Lifetime Income and Annuity Study: Annuities improve retirement outcomes

4-20-2019-Understanding Linked benefit LTC policies 

4-13-2019-Medicaid and Estate Planning with IRA Assets: Guest Speaker- Frank Lang

4-6-2019-Do you have-Complicated assets-Tax-preferred asset:

3-30-2019-The stock market just had its best quarter in nearly 10 years

3-23-2019-April 11th-1st workshop at the Queensbury Hotel (6:00 to 7:30)

3-16-2019-Paying for a college education affecting your retirement planning?

3-9-2019-The Idiom: Kill two birds with one stone- 

3-2-2019-Disclaiming an IRA

2-23-2019-How does the new tax law affect you?

2-16-2019-The Idiom: A fork in the road- The Lost Opportunity Costs

2-9-2019-Do you have a fully integrated retirement plan?

2-2-2019-Gender Pay Gap Doesn't Stop at Retirement-

1-26-2019-Are your assets titled properly?

1-19-2019-What is the meaning of the idiom, A Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

1-5-2019- 2019 Announcements